January 26, 2022


Currently, plastics are receiving worldwide attention as an environmental issue, but on the other hand, the demand for plastics as […]
PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT We are pleased to introduce our new project: Young Women Green Entrepreneurship, shortened to YOU WEEN! YOU WEEN is […]
Social Enterprise is an increasingly popular form of business across the EU. However, what is meant by the term ‘Social Enterprise’ […]
KUORI by designer Sarah Harbarth is a versatile biodegradable material that can be used to make spectacle frames, shoe soles, […]
What is a social enterprise?As defined by Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, social business means dealing with social problems by […]
We all around the world are facing today the phenomenon of depopulation in general and the depopulation of inland areas, […]
No human society can exist and develop without its culture. If we want to study human society we have to […]
Generally speaking, a circular economy is an economic system of closed loops in which raw materials, components and products lose […]
More than having great ideas for business, what if those ideas suit your community needs?That’s what Social Innovation aims for: […]
Ecocenter is a Public Benefit Foundation founded in 2011, based in Budapest, Hungary.         Our main priority is […]