The Hungarian partner, Ecocenter

Ecocenter is a Public Benefit Foundation founded in 2011, based in Budapest, Hungary.         Our main priority is the protection of human energy and health, while focusing on  environmental issues as well.

Ecocenter’s mission is to connect education, culture, health and eco-friendly issues for sustainable, quality lifestyle and for the protection of the cultural and natural environment.           In order to achieve this goal, we are providing education and training in various subjects for individuals, schools, SMEs and organisations, consultation and competence recognition services.

We try to bring nature and health closer to the people by regularly organizing events in the topics above, such as health screenings, workshops, conferences, and thematic days for the locals, children and youth. By organizing different events, programs and forums for other NGOs and companies, we try to strengthen corporate social responsibility as well. Our activity is not limited to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The foundation established an eco-house in Balatonfüred, where we organize events for the locals.

The wide network and database of national connections we have, and the expertise of the key staff involved, helps us in creating successful projects, in reaching as many people as we can, and raising their awareness over the environmental issues we are facing today. We also have good experience in discovering various methods of creative and special educational methods and also in the development of sample training materials and methodology, including ICT elements. 

Our eco-house in Balatonfüred

Ecocenter Benefit Foundation can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the different segments of society providing the possibility to improve their competences through different courses and actions.

Social entrepreneurship plays a major role in Ecocenter’s programme. In order to raise awareness of young people over the importance of social entrepreneurship, we regularly participate in volunteer programs for youth and professionals, to involve them and to create an active society. We are bringing closer the representatives of different social areas – public education and economic needs, the cultural institutions and educational centers,the local authorities to the NGOs and the general public – and at the same time we are also trying to provide competitive opportunities to different social groups.

As an adult training provider, we emphasize the role of life-long-learning, while also focusing on educating the youngest ones as well, since the earlier they meet with the importance of the health of our nature and environment, the more conscious adults they might become one day.
At Ecocenter, we believe that education is the most powerful tool in raising awareness over the issues that deserve more attention.


Written by
Ecocenter Team

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