The course on The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme was created by Jump Association and is curated by the Project […]
All partners are redoubling their efforts in this period by producing important  Multiplier Events, the main purpose of which is […]
The course on Mobility opportunities for young people in Europe, created by the Lithuanian Aktivistai Association and curated by Mr. […]
Riding on the importance of a number of issues considered essential in the field of innovation in the economic sector, […]
Beneath the digital surface of video games lie countless lessons and principles that you can apply today as an entrepreneur. […]
 Welcome back, from today you can find on our official YouTube channel (Mother Project Erasmus Plus) the latest video uploaded summarising […]
Following the success and turnout of the multiplier event on 16 June organised by the Jump Association in Soverato, many […]
Today, 16 June 2022 at 5.30 p.m. the Multiplier event organised by the Italian partner –  the  JUMP Association from Soverato […]
Every year, 78% of construction and demolition waste is recovered in Italy, amounting to more than 40 million tonnes, which […]
The recent LTT2 held in Soverato from 8 to 11 May (2022) and organised by the JUMP Association, was a […]