Youth and global market

We all around the world are facing today the phenomenon of depopulation in general and the depopulation of inland areas, this because people in general and young people in particular seek a better life, but it is a fact that is better to sell apples in the market and keep the profits to yourself, than to serve in a public or private entity, where your work is valued by others, who ultimately look at your work as productivity and profitability tire.

In case of leaving the inland areas or even leaving the country, the most probable option is to work for others and mainly the jobs found in these cases are unskilled jobs and jobs that are not well rewarded. In this case it takes time to integrate into the host country and a lot of time to start a business.

This situation dictates bold choices in the country where we live and it is these bold choices that give even more value to individual life and community life.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, etc., the period of economic crisis of 2008 – 2021, the period of the pandemic COVID – 19 taught us many things, but the biggest lesson is to stay on the ground.

The vast majority of us are ordinary people, devout citizens who believe in God, law and morality. We are people who love the country and the future. For people like us the connection to place, land, family, nature is very important and a very interesting phenomenon is being observed in many parts of the world.

People are returning to their origins because most of us have realized with the metropolitan lifestyle we have gone too far, strayed from our origins, traditions, culture, our good and wonderful customs and rediscovering the values ​​and benefits of living in greener, more natural, less chaotic areas and always being in touch with nature, is a very positive phenomenon and with civic and national values. Returning to the origin with new ideas brings personal and professional fulfillment and this is already possible even in economically weak areas. 

There are two main ways to be successful in this period of chaos and anarchy:

  • to offer new products and services that did not exist before

                                                             and / or

  • to improve existing products and services.

Both variants require skill in capturing the most opportune moment to embrace a new idea for new products and services and existing products and services improved. But this requires that we behave in a dignified and respectful manner towards risk. People who love risk are people who have entrepreneurial skills and usually love start a business. 

Today the business starts even with just a laptop and mobile. So today, you can start doing business creatively and innovatively just by utilizing entrepreneurial ideas and skills, taking into account the risk.

It has always been people with new ideas and entrepreneurial skills who have run the world and other people to use land, labor and capital. They have generally been ordinary people. Children of peasants and workers. People closely related to the nature and lives of ordinary people. With the land and the culture and tradition of the people. These are the challenges we face that can and should help us not to stray from our land, our culture, our tradition, our future. 

The biggest transformation is happening in the business climate, which is necessary to resume economic recovery, in order to have the chance to offer even more opportunities for a better world, better people and a society, and we have to use this transformation for the good of our personal life and for the good of the rest of society locally and globally.


Written by
Dr. Enriko Ceko, External lecturer for the JUMP Team

Head of Economics and Management Department, at University College “Qiriazi”, lecturer at University College “Wisdom”, Senator of World Business Angels and Investments Forum and Lecturer at WBAF Business School, Global Entrepreneurship Department, Humanitarian Ambassador of International Peace Association for Albanian Nation, President of Conservative Academy, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Sustainable Development, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Waste Recycling.


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