Therapeutic Community POKROV as a Social Enterprise

What is a social enterprise?

As defined by Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, social business means dealing with social problems by using economic, financial and management instruments appropriate for business.

Social entrepreneurship has a long tradition in Europe. Social entrepreneurship partially covers cooperatives, non-profit or low-profit organizations, local boards and more. Despite its many forms, social entrepreneurship is essentially a planned action aimed at dealing with social problems through the business.

As a “normal” business it generates profit, but that profit is usually reinvested for social purposes rather than to be distributed to owners. Somehow social entrepreneurship means integrating ethical perspectives in business. Starting a social enterprise has two positive aspects: generating new jobs and dealing with social problems.

Benefits of social economy

Social enterprise achieves significant contributions to the good of society, the environment and local communities and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit.

Achieved economic results, and profit is used for development. Social enterprise is offering new services and capabilities, typically designed for disadvantaged groups. Social enterprise encourages sustainable development and integrates environmental concerns. Economic activities are based on the development of organic vegetable production. 

The main objective of the Social Enterprise POKROV is a working integration of vulnerable groups (people with problem drug use, alcohol and hazard). Social Enterprise POKROV opens sustainable jobs for those who will complete the process of recovery in the therapeutic community POKROV. Social economy is an engine of innovation.

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Therapeutic community “POKROV” is the first long-term rehabilitation program of withdrawal from drugs, alcohol and hazard in Macedonia, opened in 2009 structured on the principle of the global therapeutic communities.

POKROV treats addiction as a disorder of the whole person, and because the program is oriented towards changing the negative identity and lifestyle of the individual, the social structure in which the therapeutic community is necessary and extremely useful.

The thing on which POKROV differs is the development of social entrepreneurship which should encourage positive social change and social inclusion of all clients that will fully complete the program.

POKROV team is dedicated to promote change, building healthy lifestyles and providing customer care at the highest level, using the latest proven effective methods and techniques.

The therapeutic community model is based on modern methods of withdrawal from alcohol, drugs and hazard including integrated approach to professional psychotherapy: CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), systemic family psychotherapy and therapeutic community method.

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