Circular Economy in the Digital Innovation: The Hungarian Company Refilamer

The world is facing an increasing amount of plastic waste, and finding ways to reuse and recycle it has become an urgent issue. 

ReFilamer, a Hungarian start-up, has taken on this challenge by developing machines that can recycle plastic waste into raw material for 3D printing. 

The company is not only addressing the environmental impact of plastic waste but also providing a solution to a common problem faced by 3D printer owners: the high cost of raw materials and the waste generated from failed prints.

ReFilamer’s machines and software are designed to make it easy to produce 3D printing material from plastic waste, whether at a recycling hub or in the comfort of your own home.  By creating a complete ecosystem for recycling plastic waste into 3D printing material, Refil Amer is demonstrating that it is possible to turn a problem into an opportunity.

Discover more with this video explanation!

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