Brandstorm by L’Oreal: Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators

For over 25 years, L’Oreal has been empowering the next generation of innovators through its annual student competition, Brandstorm. The competition challenges university students to come up with innovative ideas for the beauty industry and has provided a platform for many young entrepreneurs to kickstart their careers.

Brandstorm is an international competition that takes place in over 65 countries. Each year, L’Oreal sets a different challenge for participants to solve, ranging from product innovation to digital marketing strategies. Teams of three students are given several months to come up with a creative and feasible solution, and the best teams are selected to compete in the national and international finals.

The competition not only provides a platform for students to showcase their ideas, but it also offers them valuable experience in problem-solving, teamwork, and innovation. Participants are given the opportunity to network with L’Oreal executives and gain exposure to the inner workings of the beauty industry.

Many former Brandstorm participants have gone on to launch their own beauty startups or have been offered job opportunities within L’Oreal. The competition has launched the careers of many successful entrepreneurs, including Nicolas Gerlier and Mathilde Lion, founders of the sustainable beauty brand, La Bouche Rouge.

In addition to providing opportunities for young entrepreneurs, Brandstorm also aligns with L’Oreal’s commitment to sustainability and diversity. In recent years, the competition has focused on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, as well as promoting diversity and inclusivity within the beauty industry.

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