“Taste Europe on the Go!”: A Cross-Sectoral Project to Teach Entrepreneurship through Pop-Up Restaurants

“Taste Europe on the Go!” is a cross-sectoral project that aims to teach entrepreneurship and team management skills to students through a pop-up restaurant module. The project builds on the success of two previous Erasmus+ KA2 projects and aims to further develop and upgrade the pedagogical model “eLearning with Pop up Company Module.”

The project involves students and teachers from six vocational schools and two universities of applied sciences in Finland, Spain, and Italy. The main objectives of the project include creating real street food pop-up restaurants in the four participating countries, uniting European curriculums of participating schools and universities, decreasing vocational students’ threshold to continue studies at universities, creating a business model for the restaurant business, and disseminating the pedagogical model to study entrepreneurship.

The project methodology is based on the Working as Entrepreneur module (15 ECTS), which is learned through eLearning and creating a street food pop-up restaurant for two days. The participating students will complete various study modules, including Working as Entrepreneur module (15 ECTS), Managing Teams and Leading People (5 ECTS), and Business Startup (5 ECTS).

The project’s longer-term benefits include the possibility for students to become entrepreneurs as they gain practical experience through the pop-up restaurant module. The project’s results and impact will be documented in a blog, web page, and social media.

Overall, the “Taste Europe on the Go!” project provides a unique and practical way for students to learn entrepreneurship in an international context in vocational education, which can lead to positive outcomes for their future careers.

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