STAGE Project – Creating sustainable leaders

STAGE stands for Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise and it is a unique support mechanism co-funded by the European Commission addressing the sustainability needs of European industrial enterprises by providing incentives and support to make their business agile and green.

The project, whose consortium consists of more than 40 associated partners (stakeholders) from more than 20 European countries, provides a platform to help enterprises with sustainability reporting and investment readiness and for effective collaboration between industry players.

The digital portal provides industrial enterprises and sustainability advisors with access to cutting edge innovation and sustainability training, support, and assessment tools assembled by consortium partners.

STAGE is committed to developing a sustainable transition ecosystem that connects existing European business support networks and incentivises innovative, green, social and economic enterprise transitions, thus creating sustainable leaders of the European economy.

Check out their website to find out more about the project and the partner organisations who made everything possible!


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