Meeting on 29 November 2021: online training for e-coaches of the M.O.T.H.E.R. project

 On 29 November 2021, an important online training session for e-coaches / Team Leaders of the M.O.T.H.E.R. project took place, which was attended respectively by:

  • Erika Gerardini, Francesco Tirinato, Pietro Sinopoli – Jump Team
  • Catarina Neto – Lousada Team
  • Maria Lianou – Ied Team
  • Viktória Varga, Lili Perényi-Harka – Ecocenter Team
  • Aleksandra Nikolova, Jasmina Pishlevikj, Martin Micevski – Face Team


The main purpose of the meeting was to illustrate and explain to all e-coaches present how to create and implement dynamic/interactive courses for the e-learning platform called Jump Academy.

In this regard, the technical support of the new and experienced digital collaborator of the Jump Team, Pietro Sinopoli, was of fundamental importance.

After creating a document containing all the steps necessary to understand the above issues, he led the entire meeting, sharing his technical knowledge with the rest of the participants, who, as agreed, will have to follow the various steps to reorganise all the content and materials necessary for the creation of their respective courses (these further aspects will be dealt with in a second article) for the e-learning platform: M.O.T.H.E.R. Social Platform for Business of Youths, which will be fully functional in February 2022

Finally, it should be noted that the meeting was entirely recorded to allow those present to review any passages that were not entirely clear, and above all to allow the e-coaches of Team Aktivistai, who were unfortunately absent due to unforeseen commitments, to review the entire meeting and focus on understanding the main points.


Written by
Francesco Tirinato –  Junior Project Manager (Jump Team)

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