Towards the next mobility in Lousada: results achieved and steps to be taken to create the M.O.T.H.E.R. Social Platform for Business

In this article we will take a closer look at the progress made so far in the creation of so-called training modules, which by February will be transformed into real courses on the M.O.T.H.E.R. Social Platform for Business of Youths e-learning platform.

The training modules have been created by authoritative ‘authors’ who may be qualified as trainers or who have a relevant professional role. All the various profiles of the course authors will be placed on the e-learning platform.

Each expert/trainer has already prepared a ppt presentation and extensive additional reading and learning material (+ reference links) that will further stimulate future learners towards a comprehensive knowledge of the specific topic.

Furthermore, an introductory video will be available in which each course will be briefly explained in order to clarify the learning objectives and expected outcomes.

The final goal is to transform (by February 2022) all this learning material into various interactive and dynamic courses through the use of a specific platform (Prezi) usable by all partners (through a common account).


In this regard, Pietro Sinopoli, from the Jump Team, a new professional young employee with important digital skills has created a word document that serves as a guide for the creation of interactive courses.

All partners are strongly encouraged to read this document.

All these aspects will be further explored during the Learning Mobility Training in Lousada – 10-15 January 2021, which will bring together all future e-coaches from the various teams.

Other news: Ms. Alessia Simonetti has been identified as the highly qualified professional figure who will act as trainer for the e-coaches in Portugal in January.

She is also already working on the creation of a new training module (and thus a new interactive course).

It is important to underline that e-coaches play an important role because they are the people who contact and physically meet the users inside the Jump Academy, create the online meeting and matching with other users. They accompany registered students on the platform, informing them about the correct use of the platform and providing all other information about the free courses available.

E-coaches can and should also help users to connect online and explain topics and learning outcomes to them.

They therefore represent a concrete support to all those young people who feel the need to be trained on innovative topics and above all to be able to express and share their full potential in the presence of other peers.

A detailed list of courses is given below:

Course 1

New skills for next generations of young entrepreneurs in the EU/Global labour market –

Ms Alessia Simonetti, Trainer for JUMP Association (Italy)

Course 2

Mobility opportunities for young people in Europe

Adas Perkauskas, Trainer for AKTIVISTAI (Lithuania)

Course 3

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program

Jump Team

Course 4

Entrepreneurship education for young entrepreneur

Prof. Enriko Ceko, University lecturer in Business, Economy and Cultural Studies and Trainer for JUMP Association

Course 5

Social Entrepreneurship for young entrepreneurs

Ljupcho Toshev, Exectutive Director of FACE – Foundation Agro-Centre for education (North Macedonia) and Viktória Varga, Trainer for Eco-center (Hungary)

Course 6

Social Innovation for young entrepreneurs

Ms Catarina Neto, Trainer for the Municipality of Lousada (Portugal)

Course 7

Social media communication strategies for young entrepreneurs

Adas Perkauskas, AKTIVISTAI Trainer

Course 8

Green Economy for young entrepreneurs

Maria Lianou, Trainer for IED – Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece) and Ljupcho Toshev, Executive Director for FACE (Foundation Agro Center for Education (North Macedonia)

Course 9

Circular Economy for young entrepreneurs

Prof. Enriko Ceko, Lecturer of Business, Economy, Cultural Studies, Licensed Environmental Expert and Trainer for JUMP Association (Italy)

Course 10

Cultural Studies in Business for young entrepreneurs

Prof. Enriko Ceko, Lecturer of Business, Economy and Cultural Studies and JUMP Trainer

Course 11

Financial education for young entrepreneurs

Maria Lianou, Trainer for IED – Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)

Course 12

Web/digital marketing/e-commerce for young entrepreneurs

Mrs Réka Szilágyi H., Trainer for Eco-center (Hungary)


Written By
Francesco Tirinato – Junior Project Manager (Jump Team)


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