Erasmus Plus TC – Storify Yourself to Create Togetherness

Me, Adas Perkauskas, one of the project participants, had a wonderful experience in Erasmus+ programme funded project ”Storify Yourself to Create Togetherness” in Bulgaria, Dobrinishte. Project programme was legit including personal development, outdoor experiential learning, storytelling, improv theatre and youth-work.

Experiences shared by participants transformed my psychological boundaries and it helped to become a better person. Starting with wonderful and painful stories, involving strong emotions, past traumas that usually break people for the rest of their life or even cause suicide.
That kind of level stories had been told. It shaped my understanding of life and humans itself. Stories of project participants lowered my levels of fear, helped me to get out of my head and understand the capabilities and potential of human beings. It had a direct impact on my decision making and helped me to become more bold.

With project participants Tomas we had a conversation about the JUST DO IT mindset. Tomas told me about his boss as a good example. Andrius Bružas managing to be a successful actor and entrepreneur, running 5-6 different businesses at the same time. For me it was strange, because I was ignorant towards JUST DO IT mentality and that conversation dispersed the blindness, helped me understand the weight of impact it could have on my life.
The clear path of change for the better was layed down.


Key takeaways I decided adopt to my life:

 Methodology of changing limiting beliefs

 Saying ‘’and‘’ instead ‘’but‘’

 JUST DO IT mentality

 Importance of networking and connections


Hopefully can make the word spread to show the value and involve more youth into Erasmus Plus training courses.


Written by
Adas Perkauskas – Aktivistai Team

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