Erasmus+ Funding Deadlines! New dates to submit your challenging projects in

Our Erasmus Plus K205 project has been approved in 2020, started officially on 1/09/2020 and it has already been one year and a half of intensive activity among partners from 6 countries. The Erasmus world is amazing and challenging at the same time. It’s the end of 2021 and here below the new deadlines launched recently by the European Commission. 

Erasmus+ KA1 projects

Deadline is February 23, 2022.

For Short-term projects for the mobility of learners and staff in school/adult/VET education, there may be a second round depending on the single National Agency and the deadline is October 4, 2022.

Erasmus+ KA2 projects

Deadline is March 23, 2022.

For Small-scale Partnerships in the fields of education and training, there may be a second round depending on the single National Agency and the deadline is October 4th, 2022.

Jean Monnet Actions

Deadline is March 1, 2022.

Erasmus+ KA1 Accreditation

For Erasmus+ KA1 Accreditation the deadline is October 19, 2022 – Once obtained, it remains valid for the entire duration of the Erasmus 2021 – 2027 Programme. Accredited organizations will submit a facilitated grant request every year, in line with the school development plan outlined in their Application.

Like every year, an important unique deadline for the strategic partnership which are the most difficult projects to be won and the most challenging to be implemented.

We are doing the best for M.O.T.H.E.R. completing the project as agreed on 31/08/2022, exactly 24 months without asking for the prolongation. Who knows if JUMP is planning a follow up action to be submitted in 2022? Are you ready?


Written by
Erika Gerardini – JUMP Team Leader and Project Manager


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