The importance of the Entrepreneurship Education course

The  course No. 4 on Entrepreneurship Education within the M.O.T.H.E.R. Social platform for business of youths was realised by the Jump Association and is supervised by:

Dr. Enriko Ceko
Head of Economics and Management Department, at University College “Qiriazi”, lecturer at University College “Wisdom”, Senator of World Business Angels and Investments Forum and Lecturer at WBAF Business School, Global Entrepreneurship Department, Humanitarian Ambassador of International Peace Association for Albanian Nation, President of Conservative Academy, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Sustainable Development, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Waste Recycling.


The importance of this course

The importance of this interactive course is linked to the fact that the EU considers entrepreneurship a key competence for Europe’s competitiveness and economic growth.

In this direction, the most valuable resource appears to be the citizens themselves who should be continuously encouraged to be enterprising and formulate innovative solutions to societal problems.

Entrepreneurship is supported by a number of actions within the Erasmus+ programme and therefore, through this interactive and completely free course, we also want to offer our small contribution to support the personal and professional development of every citizen who wants to acquire a proper entrepreneurial mindset.

The Entrepreneurship Education course will provide interested students with the necessary tools and knowledge useful to fully understand the concept of entrepreneurship, the role of entrepreneurs in society, the costs and benefits of starting a business and much more.

So, We invite you to visit our E-learning platform and register for this course offered free of charge thanks to the Erasmus+ funded M.O.T.H.E.R. project.

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Written by
Francesco Tirinato – Junior Project manager (Jump Team)

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