Skills for the green transition: young adults for a circular economy

On Thursday 7 July, from 10am to 4pm CEST, EPALE will be hosting an online discussion on Skills for the green transition: young adults for a circular economy. The written discussion will be introduced by a live stream (at 10 am), with invited experts sharing their perspectives and experiences.

Why is this online event important?
With research demonstrating that the European Union has significantly reduced their efforts towards their goal of becoming the first carbon-free continent by 2050, it is clear to many that this goal may have been too ambitious to begin with.
Transitioning to a carbon-free continent means transitioning to a green way of life. This level of change requires a total shift in the way the EU designs, develops, produces, markets and distributes goods and services. It is a shift in lifestyle, one that requires society to consider the environmental impacts of our everyday lives. To accommodate for such a transition requires us to shift the way in which we learn, the very content of our education and how we integrate environmental concerns throughout every sector.

Guiding questions will be:
What skills are necessary for a circular economy?
Where is best to learn these skills?
How will the young adult population be impacted by the green transition?
And, crucially, what can be done to make sure that all learners are integral parts of the process?

You are warmly invited to share your experience and initiatives.

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Written by Lousada Team

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