Some feedbacks from M.O.T.H.E.R. students

With 242 students enrolled, the M.O.T.H.E.R. Platform received several feedbacks from students after enrolling different courses aimed at the development of a new entrepreneurial mindset.

Feedbacks are important because they provide

  • evidence about current knowledge and skill development
  • focus on the quality of the learner’s processes
  • strategies to more effectively assist learners to make progress with their learning.
Let’s go over some of the reviews of the most popular courses!
#1 Web/digital marketing/e-commerce for young entrepreneurs

If on one side learners appreciated a fast and effective learning experience focused on the practice of using the internet for marketing  and selling of products or services, on the other hand some raised a need for a different focus, maybe by introducing also case-studies.

#2 Mobility opportunities for young people in Europe


This course provided to many interested students with knowledge about Mobility opportunities for young people in Europe. It was widely appreciated and considered as a relevant topic, nevertheless some students would have expected more information, maybe with more support on how to access this mobility opportunities.

#3 New skills for next generations of young entrepreneurs in the EU/Global labour market

It seems that this course on the topic of entrepreneurial skills  fully met the student’s expectations! The goal was to equip them with confidence and tools for the development of their own potential. 

#4 The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program


Clarity and conciseness are the highlights of this course. The goal was to spread and promote among youths The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program.

#5 Green economy for young entrepreneurs


The last course among the most popular ones was particularly appreciated for the choice of the topic, “Green economy and environmental issues” and the quizzes as modality to assess students’ learning progress.

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