Social Innovation and Youth for Sustainable Changeover  

Social innovation and youth can be a strong combination for future prosperity. In fact, social and environmental complexities made creative system solutions a necessity, to overcome them. 

By social innovation we refer to individual and collective acts, intended for individuals or communities’ welfare. Launching such initiatives aim at tackling problems, local or global, to result substantial change that is meant to sustain. 

Young people have the freshest outlook to produce impactful outcomes and become future changemakers, with the right means of empowerment.  

Social Innovation and Youth: A How to List 

Youth and innovation go hand in hand. However, combining the two demands fostering a social innovation mentality and availability of growth opportunities for all young people without exception.  

The following suggestions listed can contribute to making this combination possible: 

  • Young people should have access to decision-making processes. In addition, finding alternative ways to urge youth to become active participants can be motivating for them. 
  • Encourage free ideas expression, whether ideas are bottom up expressed or top down, and so on.  
  • Provision of learning opportunities pertinent to specialist knowledge, skills, and tools. 
  • Devising support schemes that cover other dimensions of youth empowerment. 
  • Provision of mobility opportunities programmes for training purposes. 

Get to Know Us 

Under these circumstances, the M.O.T.H.E.R. strategic partnership acts upon cultivating entrepreneurial mentality for youth. In particular, this Erasmus+ project is aiming at the development of an “inclusive” platform, with empowering opportunities available for youth, such as: mobility; cooperation; and training. 

Visiting M.O.T.H.E.R. official website, to meet the project partners, our goals, and activities.  

In Summary 

Addressing challenges, in an impactful and sustainable manner, demands inventiveness. Social innovation and youth can be a promising continuation in the generation of groundbreaking ideas.  

For this purpose, finding ways to integrate full embedding of social innovation with youth support, through growth opportunities’ provision, is imperative. 

Author: Anastasia Oikonomoula – iED Team

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