Learn from icons of rock music to become a successful entrepreneur

Is it possible to improve entrepreneurial skills with the help of music? The Sound of Business is an Erasmus+ project designed to train adults about management, business and entrepreneurship based on the best practices of the greatest icons of rock music.

If you think about it, there’s a correlation between music and startups: they both require a creative mindset, hard discipline and value creation. So we might as well learn business lessons from legends of rock, thinking of them as startup founders – team players, risk takers and sometimes – the game changers.

A consortium of six European organizations from Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary combined their expertise in this two year project developing innovative methodologies for stimulating basic and transversal skills, entrepreneurship, and business innovation to build a framework of empowerment of adults in the perspective of self-employment initiatives.

The entrepreneurial and the cultural/artistic spheres were intertwined in high quality outputs like a learning platform, a Documentary and a Protocol for certification of competencies for validating the competences at EU level. The participants were guided through the various stages of developing a business idea, through the discussion about Project Cycle Management and history of music and examples of famous musicians/bands and their approaches to the music business.

An innovative approach based on the history of music mixed with formal project management tools that has proved successful whereby users ended up learning business and leadership lessons from unexpected characters!

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Project Website: https://soundofbusiness.eu


Autor: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team

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