Why are Green Jobs Important? 

The concept of green jobs is quite recent, and it is expected to escalate. So, why are green jobs important? What makes them important? 

Green jobs correspond to wide industry spectrum with positive environmental impact, such as the agricultural sector; the field of manufacture; administration; service provision; and research and development (R&D). The idea is to contribute to the green economy, through restoration, preservation, and sustainable development. 

Why are Green Jobs Important to the Just Transition? 

Just Transition framework represents a future society, founded on sustainable development with equity. The idea built upon is shifting to an economy with regenerative values and applications. Specifically, the framework emerged out of past civil rights and environmental movements’ demands, to establish strong economies with regards to environmental and social aspects. Therefore, we refer to an initiative that foresees a leap towards society growth, through multilateral shifts.  

A thriving economy can be based on approaches that respond to climate change and environmental degradation challenges. In fact, in the new report of ILO/UNEP/ITUC/IOE, it is stated that the journey towards sustainable development achievement will impact employment with 0.5-2% increase; these percentages correspond to 15-60 million jobs generation. Obviously, under those circumstances, the impact of approaching green economy on employment is evident; and, of course, makes green jobs generation inevitable.  

Nevertheless, transforming the employment sphere will come with other unpleasant shifts. Specifically, one of the negative influences will be job losses, with industrialized countries expected to be encountering the greatest challenges. In addition, phenomena of workers’ movement will display an increase, with a rise estimation 10 times higher. The workforce will have to adapt to the emerging labor markets’ prerequisites with pertinent skills’ development, to fill in possible skills gaps. 

All things considered, consequences may seem deterring to a certain extend; however, in the long-run and in a greater scale, this overall motion is advantageous. This framework represents a broad change; and, in such context redefining certain aspects is unavoidable. Thus, the answer to why are green jobs important, can be obvious. Green jobs are, both the components and one of the expected outcomes to the mission of Just Transition achievement. 

We represent the Erasmus+ project of M.O.T.H.E.R. with the twofold objective of boosting youth employment and promoting social entrepreneurship. 

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Author: Katerina Pariza – iED Team

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