Let’s meet FACE: the Foundation Agro-Centre for Education from North Macedonia

Since 2006, FACE as an organization has been dealing with development of training programs in non-formal education and promoting the non-formal and lifelong learning concept, focusing on international cooperation.

The focus of FACE activities are the opportunities funded by Erasmus+ Program. EU through the form of Erasmus+ Program gives the opportunity by learning mobility in terms of transnational mobility undertaken for a period of time, consciously organized for educational purposes, to acquire new competences and knowledge for their own staff, as well as for learners from the group of FACE’s Stakeholders. A wide variety of projects and activities that were implemented so far in formal or non-formal settings are in big support for achieving the strategic goals of the Organization.

The education services of FACE strive to ensure equal access to knowledge for all stakeholders, students and teachers, adjacent industries, government and local administration, entrepreneurs, advisory service 

The 15 years of experience, and implemented over 40+ projects which had strong educational components and more than 120 events (trainings, seminars, round tables, workshops), is based on the connection between the education and the research, with emphasis on the promotion of innovative and applicable mechanisms.

The projects that FACE has implemented have fostered a large number of users of the educational services that we offer and we are continuously working on adjusting the non-formal educational programs to the needs of the market economy rules, the needs of the labor market and public services.

The main areas that FACE is working on are:
The non-formal education – (focus on Vocational Education and Training – VET), Employment and social inclusion, Social entrepreneurship, E-learning.

Sectors in which FACE is very active are:
Agriculture – (organic and conventional) FACE’s education services strive to satisfy the needs of the farmers, experts, industry managers, policy makers, civil servants and the NGO sector in Macedonia and in the region in areas of agriculture, food production, environment protection and rural development. 

Rural development – FACE is continuously working on the improvement of the promotion of the development of rural economies and the creation of local strategies for rural development and to promote development of rural economies.

Tourism – Tourism is one of the most important economic branches in Europe, with a particularly important occupational relevance. Every year, outdoor tourism is becoming increasingly important within the sector.

We urge for a cross-sectoral approach and using ICT and internationalization of our Projects.

Find out more about our project on our website: http://ace.org.mk or follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/facemkd 

The partner is situated in the beautiful city of Skopje. Capital of North Macedonia. Here an astonishing picture.

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