Training session between digital workers of the JUMP Team

Lorenzo Papasodero, a young new resource employed by JUMP in 2021 to reinforce, in particular, the digital area of the organization (blogger, e-coaching and video making) was trained on 03/06/2021 as an internal e-coach for the M.O.T.H.E.R. Project by the creator of our website and of the e-learning platform connected with the same website.

The role of JUMP, as the leader, is in fact to be the starter and mentor partners to develop our main communication and training channels. Website and the official Facebook page  named “Mother erasmus project” at the link: work in parallel.

Every time a blog post is published, in parallel, the post on FB is created to get more audience and attract more young people: the native digitals! Here below what Lorenzo tells about his experience being trained on very technical and innovative steps to support our M.O.T.H.E.R. partners in being co-creators with him of the contents on the website and in the platform. 

“On June 3rd I received a long and intensive training from Carlo Gigliotti, external professional webdesigner and IT manager. It was a great experience for me!
He guided me by step towards learning new functions unknown to me regarding the M.O.T.H.E.R. website.  

For example, we have seen together the functional steps necessary to publish a post in the most correct way possible. We also dwelt a lot on the setting of some parameters of interest prior to publication: Among the many options, the one of greatest interest is that of the “set featured image” which allows us to make the article appear on the home page accompanied by an image of our choice (regardless of the insertion of an image in the article / publication): In the event that a descriptive image is inserted within the article but the image is not set in the appropriate form below right “set featured image” we would certainly have the image inside the article but in the home page section of the MOTHER site instead we would have only the news of the new article without photos and composed only of the title. We also saw together on how to categorize the news! A news can be published but if not categorized in the right field it will not appear on the home page of the M.O.T.H.E.R.

In the second part of the training we focused more on how to create new learning courses related to a specific subject, how to create lessons, how to give a sequence to these lessons, how to create learning tests at the end of each lesson etc …
It was a highly formative training for me! I thank Carlo for the valuable information he shared with me”.


Written by
Lorenzo Papasodero – Jump Team

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