From August 23 day till September 1st, I participated in Erasmus+ project about Digital Entrepreneurship funded by the European Union. Over 30 people came to Bulgaria, Bansko from seven countries (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Turkey, North Macedonia) in order to raise their digital entrepreneurship competences.

During all project duration we have done a lot of useful, exciting and funny activities.
Starting from get to know each other, team building activities, video calling with entrepreneurs, brainstorming business ideas, building business models, introducing into blockchain technology including smart contracts and tokenization, presenting created business ideas, disseminating project by creating articles, taking photos, youtube and Tik Tok videos, networking and making new relationships with people.

For instance, in more detailed we had a video call with entrepreneur and with some practical advices, which are really useful for the beginners. Two of them stuck in my mind:

First, learn to fail your idea quickly. Put three months deadline to test your business idea and if you are not making any revenue after 3-month period leave it aside and move to other idea. It will save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Second, share your business equity with your partners. At the beginning do not be afraid to give some equity to potential partners to involve them in a business project. Share of equity does not have to be big, 1-3 precent is enough. At the end of the day only matters how big company gets and how much profit it generates. So, do not be greedy and share equity with people how will bring value to the company.

All in all, project days where really fruitful: a bunch of new connections were made including new friends, potential business partners, collages and a lot of new things learned. And if I have a possibility, I will do it one more time. So, follow my example and apply for Erasmus Plus training courses!!!


Written by
Adas Perkauskas – Aktivistai Team

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