Aspiring entrepreneurs find inspiration and advice with MENTEE

Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit across Europe is a priority for the EU. In this context, the EU-funded project MENTEE has played a part in supporting entrepreneurs across Europe to become active mentors and promote education in entrepreneurship, creating an international mentor network with an e-learning platform. 

Eight successful Mentoring Circle pilots were conducted, bringing together entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, trainers and aspiring entrepreneurs through the ‘Mentoring Circles’ methodology. Instead of a traditional one-to-one mentorships, in a mentoring circle learning is a journey where mentors show individuals what they need to know and how to access knowledge through sharing and learning from others.

The MENTEE Social Collaboration and Learning Platform became an online space to share entrepreneurial and learning experiences across Europe and connect participants with peers, bringing together both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, mentees, and anyone interested in entrepreneurship. 

Moreover, MENTEE developed a set of tools and reports including the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, based on 40 good practices in 28 EU countries, the Young Entrepreneurs Skills and Competencies Manual, Mentoring Circles Programme and Facilitators Manual, and e-Modules for Young Entrepreneurs Learning Online. 

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Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team

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