Think globally, act locally!

Young people from small towns in three countries learned how gardening skills can help them to care for the natural environment and also combat global issues like food insecurity.

The EU co-funded ‘TRY: TRansition Youth – sustainable development and local entrepreneurship (Transnational Youth Initiative)’ project used the very tangible skills of gardening to teach young people from small towns in three countries about sustainability and how to become a force for common good in their communities. 

At the core of the project’s methodology was permaculture – best-known as a technique for sustainable gardening that harnesses natural forces and ecosystems so that they work in harmony. But it is also a set of principles that can be applied to create other kinds of stable and long-lasting environments, including social organisations and businesses. 

During an outdoor workshop in each of the partner countries, young participants created a permaculture social garden. Using this technique, edible plants are grown in such a way that they support each other in an exchange of nutrients, while working together to repel pests.

The workshops also taught participants about strategic planning and non-violent forms of communication – valuable skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

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Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team

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