The testing phase of the M.O.T.H.E.R. social platform for business of youths continues and is enriched with the presence of the first young members

As announced a few days ago, after months and months of hard work shared with all our partners, the M.O.T.H.E.R. Social platform for business of youths has been realised and is still in the testing phase.

In fact, the expert e-coaches (the point of reference for the future students) are currently exploring every single aspect/content to ensure that the platform works properly and, above all, that it is usable and of interest to all those young people who wish to express their potential and increase their skills by actively participating in the 12 interactive courses related to entrepreneurship (in all its many facets).

In this regard, we warmly welcome the first young people who have regularly registered on the e-learning platform and who currently seem most attracted to the Web, digital marketing/e-commerce course.

At the same time, we take this opportunity to invite all those who are interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity (offered free of charge thanks to the M.O.T.H.E.R. project, co-financed by Erasmus +), to log in and browse the platform to discover the wide range of contents and current topics that characterise all the other interactive courses available, designed exclusively to transfer a solid and creative entrepreneurial mindset to future students.

The final objective is to involve and train at least 240 young people eager to get involved in a new and fascinating context that will allow them to enrich themselves culturally, make new friends and improve their level of communication in English in the various online meetings that will be made available to all registered students.

So keep registering and stay in touch with us!
Below is the platform’s website to access and register:

Written by
Francesco Tirinato РJunior  Project Manager (Jump Team)

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