The revolution of e-learning

In a world more and more digital, e-learning has massively changed traditional education. E-learning involves teaching and learning through platforms that make knowledge accessible from anywhere, any time, making it easier to adapt to the characteristics and needs of students.

Also, beyond classroom education, self-study programs can become relevant for entrepreneurs: entrepreneurship education and e-learning are a perfect match! Training courses in fact add value to traditional learning modes, offering fully-targeted courses that can be carried out with a self-paced approach. But there’s more! Among the benefits of e-learning one can mention:

  • 24/7 access to information
  • Interactive spaces to form online communities
  • Flexibility and convenience for the user
  • Possibility to save documents, videos, presentations and other assets
  • Customizable learning environment
  • Easy and fast training
  • Updated contents
  • Better suited for life in a globalized world
  • Environmentally friendly


To every entrepreneur that desires to learn and develop skills on their journey to success, the M.O.T.H.E.R. Platform provides an innovative space for learning, meeting and socializing. Through a variety of courses ranging from Social Innovation, Green Economy and Circular Economy, everyone can start developing entrepreneurial skills right away!

Author: Pietro Sinopoli – JUMP Webmaster 

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