The new training module on new skills for potential young entrepreneurs soon online!

The training module number 1 of M.O.T.H.E.R. Social Platform for Business is dedicated to:

New skills for the next generation of young entrepreneurs in the EU/Global labour market.

A lot of progress has been made in the creation of the platform and the so-called training modules, which by February will be turned into real courses on the e-learning platform Jump Academy.

The topic of entrepreneurial skills is crucial in today’s innovation economy, where needs and opportunities are evolving faster and more fluidly than ever before, and where our young people need a mindset and a powerful set of skills that equip them to recognise opportunities, take the initiative and innovate in the face of challenges. According to a definition proposed by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Young Enterprise:

“Entrepreneurship is when you act on opportunities and ideas and turn them into value for others. The value created can be financial, cultural or social”.

Value creation and the transformation of ideas into shared value can and are equally relevant in any sphere of life, such as advancing one’s career, creating a new social enterprise or supporting a local community initiative. Beyond that, entrepreneurial skills are important for each of us to navigate through all the unpredictable circumstances of life, especially in our rapidly changing society.

Are you curious to know more about two of the core competences that will be addressed in this course?

Self-awareness and Self-efficacy: relevant skills for successful young entrepreneurs.

How we view ourselves and the world around us impacts our ability to dream, plan, act and achieve.

An entrepreneurial mindset is about believing in yourself and keep improving, analysing your strengths and weaknesses, always believing in your ability to develop your potential, and looking at temporary setbacks and failures as an opportunity to learn important lessons towards success.

If you believe in yourself, and have a deeper knowledge of your core values, you can better exert the ability to change the course of events, despite obstacles and uncertainty, and create value together with other members of your team. While developing these skills, spotting how any possible limiting beliefs are holding you and your team back is an essential part of the process. This can allow you, for example, to let go of any kind of fear that has been interfering with the implementation of your projects and self development path.

Only by overcoming our limiting beliefs can we access our full potential and all the resources and opportunities at our disposal, being able to transform ideas into action and shared value.

Heighten your awareness, and devote yourself to the pursuit of your ideas. Develop these characteristics as part of who you are as aligned with where you want to go, and your entrepreneurial path will be characterized  and enriched by wellness and success, shared with the team and community that you are going to develop, support and nurture.

Enjoy your entrepreneurial path and stay tuned to our blog to be updated about the launch of our online platform!


Written by Alessia Simonetti – Jump trainer


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