The European online platform for women entrepreneurs WEgate

Women make up 52% of the total European population but only 34.4% of the European Union (EU) self-employed and 30% of start-up entrepreneurs. Why is that?

Many blame the low figures on the lack of confidence and fear of failure. What we know for sure is that when establishing and running a business, women face challenges like access to finance, information, business networks and training, and reconciling business and family.

To make sure that women have all the possible support tools at their disposal, the European Commission, whose entrepreneurship policy aims to reaching out and encouraging specific groups with entrepreneurial potential, launched in September 2016 the WEgate platform, a one-stop shop for women of all ages who want to start, run and grow a business.  

The main aim is to help women entrepreneurs to start and build up their business with the help of an engaging community and knowledge sharing and enabling them to find the best networking opportunities, experienced mentorship and a space for growth.

On the platform it is possible to find access to finance, how to grow a business, where to get help in your region, tips, training and learning opportunities, mentoring programmes, good practices, case studies, success stories and related news and events. WEgate also act as a hub for online networking, exchange and cooperation among aspiring and current women entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

If you want to know more about WEgate, gateway for women entrepreneurship, register to have full access to the entire platform!

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