The Beneficial Interconnection Between Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development

There is no doubt that the relationship between social entrepreneurship and community development can operate as a strengthening factor to communities; and, by extension, as reinforcement to societies at large.

The Contextualization of Social Entrepreneurship 

Social entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial model. Its business activity is driven by demands correlated to social aspects. In fact, social entrepreneurs identify opportunities that can be channeled into a profitable venture, while their entrepreneurial activity profess contribution to a social change cause. Clearly, this model’s operations are founded on innovation and sustainability. In addition, the model of social entrepreneurship consists of 4 types: 

  • Global social entrepreneurship.
  • Transformational social entrepreneurship.
  • Non-profit social entrepreneurship.
  • And community social entrepreneurship.


A few examples of successful organizations with social responsibilities, around the world, are: Ashoka Worldwide; Charity: water; Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company, and so on.

The Frame of Community Development Briefly

Community development can be defined as a process oriented towards community reinforcement initiated by the members within this context. In fact, the core of community development approach is founded on non-discriminatory and equitable access to basic needs of human beings, such as: healthcare; wellbeing; justice; opportunities etc. Hence, this approach values human rights; inclusion; promotion of acts on individual and collective level; and, justice.

Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development: The Impact

Obviously, the common ground between the two concepts is the missions of the social transformation spectrum.

Admittedly, the role of social entrepreneurship can be advantageous in the empowerment process of communities. By virtue of sustainable and out-of-the-box approaches, social entrepreneurship contributes to the solution of socio-economic matters and societal value at large.

However, an addition to the bridging social gaps is the contribution to the economy, through generating employment opportunities and new businesses. Furthermore, the positive impact succession continues with the communities’ cultural extensions.

The MOTHER EU project focuses on the combination of youth professional empowerment and social entrepreneurship, both in local and international labor market contexts. The strategic partnership’s vision is boosted by the Erasmus+ programme.

Visit the MOTHER official website and learn more about the initiative’s progress.

Undoubtedly, social entrepreneurship and community development share a common frame of incentives. The orientation of such business activities fuse profit with causes of social development at large. Hence, we refer to business model that invests in the multidimensional prosperity of communities.


Written by
Katerina Pariza – Software Development Director of IED Team 

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