Social Entrepreneurship Ideas in Education: Molding Future Entrepreneurship

Have you ever considered what would be the impact of social entrepreneurship ideas in education? 

The 2030 agenda has set a framework with a humanistic core, which could lead to a prosperous future. In particular, the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) highlight the multiple dimensions that demand creative exits to sustainable development, in a global context. 

Could this addition be the beginning of a greater change?

Why Social Entrepreneurship? Why this Combination?

Entrepreneurship is about discerning emerging opportunities that can be monetized. And, in the case of social entrepreneurship, economic value is congruent with investing in social capital. On the other hand, the purpose of education is to operate as the enabling medium for individuals to have the means to pursue personal fulfillment and become active citizens. 

With this purpose in mind, spanning social entrepreneurship with education can be a combination of opportunities, which can prepare the ground that could lead to a substantial change on a global scale. The benefit of social entrepreneurship education is to equip present students to meet the demands of the future, by setting human capital as the epicenter.


Social Entrepreneurship Ideas in Education

Obviously, educators hold a key role in the education industry and in students’ mindset cultivation. Therefore, interactions between social entrepreneurs and education representatives could be the starting point to raise awareness regarding the social entrepreneurship impact, which can be channeled to the classrooms. 

Nevertheless, merging social entrepreneurship with education systems may be advantageous, but there are challenges to overcome. Every application frame has certain national education policies and governments, which are determinant for the success of this type of education. Hence, there should be consistency between social entrepreneurship education and the specifics of each national context.

All things considered, raising awareness regarding the social challenges and the innovative responses of social entrepreneurship can mold future entrepreneurs with social consciousness and responsibilities. Social entrepreneurship ideas in education can be a merge conducive to future entrepreneurial ecosystem and society at large.

The MOTHER partnership is working towards the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mentality to youths in Europe. This European project promotes social entrepreneurship, as an empowerment medium to youth entrepreneurship.

Visit the official web page and learn more about the progress of the EU project MOTHER.


Written by
Anastasia Oikonomoula – iED Team

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