Ricoeso: the start-up that transforms inert materials into urban eco-design furniture

Every year, 78% of construction and demolition waste is recovered in Italy, amounting to more than 40 million tonnes, which makes up approximately 30% of all waste produced in Italy. Furniture can also be made from these materials.

This is the case of Ricoeso, a recycling start-up that produces eco-design urban furniture using materials from the treatment of inert waste produced by construction and demolition activities.
Official website: http://www.ricoeso.it

A novelty that makes it possible to furnish spaces in a safe, ecological way and in harmony with the context, without sacrificing style and design.

The new company was recently founded in Rome from the experience of four partners who combine passion and more than ten years’ experience in the field of environmental sustainability and the circular economy: Eco Logica 2000 (one of the main operators of construction and demolition waste recycling in central Italy), Sol.Pre.A. (a leading company in the civil and industrial construction sector), Interprogetti (a maritime, civil and environmental engineering company) and architect Francesco Andreani, an expert in urban planning and private construction.

Inert waste from construction sites is delivered to the treatment plant, which transforms it into recycled aggregates, e.g. sand. With these materials, through a process, designer street furniture is created. With these materials, designer street furniture is created through a process.

Thanks to the recycling of aggregates, Ricoeso is now able to produce different types of furniture: benches, street lamps, drinking fountains, bike racks, fences, litter bins, bollards, paving and pavements, and blocks for reinforced walls.


As Ricoeso’s founding partner, Paolo Barberi, points out:

"Our artefacts for furnishing the city and public and private open spaces present characteristics equal, if not superior in quality and performance, to the same furnishings produced with virgin raw materials resulting from mining activities. Ricoeso was born from the desire to contribute in a tangible way to the construction of truly sustainable cities, giving public administrations and private individuals the opportunity to be protagonists of circular economy processes, capable of combining sustainability, aesthetics and a low environmental footprint'.

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