New Future Work Skills

Lifelong Learning

As economy growth is based on productivity and technologies and various machines are way superior then human. It will be necessary to be willing to adept and learn new digital technologies. For instance, Virtual and augmented reality tools for Metaverse. Online meeting on Zoom or other similar platform will not enough. Rapid and continuous learning was always demand skill for highly qualified positions and will continue leading to be a leading one.

Creative and innovative mindset

As more repetitive jobs will be taken away by technology, people will be doing intellectually demanding jobs. Simple jobs like truck driving, small package delivery etcetera will be performed by machines. Research and development, sales and marketing, project management still will be performed by human. And competition for them will be increased, so the most creative people will be running those jobs.


Repetitive jobs will be taken by machines, but machines will not be semi-independent. It will be looked after by a person on his computer screen. One person will be able to handle a few machines. Imagine sitting near your computer and monitoring AI drones dyeing houses or spraining pesticides in agriculture. Gaming will be marketable.

Collaboration and cooperation

Dealing will human will remain more one of the core skills even if in future we will be living in Metaverse.  Communication will college still will bring clarity related to the process of getting the best possible results regarding project implementation or companies’ future steps and continue helping teams to perform well.

Not a lot new skill will be replaces by now ones, but a lot will remain the same. For instance time mamagment, organizational, written, human relationship skills etc.

Created by Adas Perkauskas

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