5 Skills for Remote Workers

Digital Literacy

Successful remote workers must be comfortable with technology. They should be able to easily use Zoom platform for online meeting, respond to a question posted in an online group chat, or edit presentation notes on Google docs. Remote workers should also have up-to-date equipment, including a reliable computer, internet, and phone. 

Written communication.

When teams work remotely, majority communication is done via writing. This means communicating through emails, or texting. It even applies to using the chat function while you’re on a video call. Communicating clearly platforms is a huge time advantage.

Do not forget to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending them. You have to know the rules of formal communication with colleges and adjust the right tone depending to who you are communicating with.  You can get away with less formality when messaging your coworkers than you can with your boss.

Effective cooperation

Companies always prefer self-reliant workers who are able to working independently and do not require addition resources to train them. However causal even conversations with colleges and by actively involved in online meeting can bring clarity related to the process of getting the best possible results regarding project implementation, companies’ future steps etc.

Moreover, every positive two-sided communication strengthens relationships with colleges. It able us to trust and count on each other and ask for help in need. When everybody are able to cooperate and work independently everything runs smoothly,


Working from home means there will always be distractions. It nearly impossible to eliminate all distractions. Your ability to focus around these distractions is an invaluable skill.

Time management.

The ability to successfully manage your own time is an invaluable skill to have, benefiting both yourself and your employer. When working from home where is not boss or a manager looking after you, self-motivation is necessary. It’s up to you to stay focused on your work and follow every tasks assigned on a calendar.

Created by Adas Perkauskas

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