In progress the creation of the future M.O.T.H.E.R. Social Platform for Business of Youths

After a very long process of mutual learning among partners, with more or less experience, the future e-learning platform is taking a more concrete shape. 

12 new modules are in progress to be animated because the contents are ready since October 2021!

During the 1st Transnational Project Meeting the Team Leaders checked the modules and afterwards it was decided to increase the number of Training Modules from 9 to 12. JUMP took this decision analyzing again what had been produced so far. A further investment of the leader in a quality check underlined the need to make order and complete the list with new innovative topics.

Here below the final list of the 12 topics which will correspond to 12 courses on the M.O.T.H.E.R. Social Platform for Business of Youths:

1) New skills for next generations of young entrepreneurs in the EU/Global labor market

2) Mobility opportunities for young people in Europe

3) The Erasmus for young entrepreneurs program

4) Entrepreneurship education 

5) Social entrepreneurship

6) Social innovation

7) Green economy

8) Circular economy

9) Cultural Studies in Business

10) Financial education

11) Wed, digital marketing/e-commerce

12) Social media communication strategies

 The real innovation of our creative process is not the long term collecting and editing work of content creation of the training modules, which took months, but what is happening now. Finally the e-coaches, who are young and digital new workers, 4 per partner, are playing an active role in the project. They are taking the contents of the training modules written by experts and they are transforming them into animated media products and documents. 

Stay tuned because in 2022, by February, all modules will be online ready to be tested by Team Leaders and e-coaches in Lousada (LTT1 10-15/01/2022) and after to be learned by our main target group: 40 young people per partner. An ambitious goal to be reached by the end of the project, 31/08/2022 and we hope beyond!


Written by
Erika Gerardini, JUMP Team Leader and Project Manager

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