Meet our organisation: Aktyvistai !!!

Association AKTYVISTAI was founded in 2013, based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

We are a circle of active people, our main goal is to promote people development, active participation, non-formal education as a tool for intercultural learning and self-development. We are interested in many different topics, we have more than 3000 people in our database! Our main topics are entrepreneurship and healthy life.

Back in 2013 the main aim of AKTYVISTAI was to gather a company which would not only realise itself and its ideas but would also spend their free time together doing something meaningful & healthier for themselves, their families, community, country, although in last years association mainly promoting youth development, the mobility of young people and fostering active participation, to spread the ideas of sustainable development, to promote non-formal education as a tool for intercultural learning and self-development.

The association is open not only for the youth but everyone who likes an active lifestyle, is positive, looks for friends or wants to teach or learn something new. Target groups are divided into 2 groups, one is youth from 16 to 30, another adults from 30 to 55. It is possible to test yourself in various activities, find new friends, just have a good time and even to earn some experience.

The attitude of organization involves being ACTIVE, POSITIVE and ENJOYING life. The aim of AKTYVISTAI is to coordinate the actions in the way that would allow all of its members feel free to use their skills and experiences implementing their ideas. We are helping people to be motivated, united, and get discounts in some events, training or activities.

Association is not limiting activities to one direction, allowing people of different ideas to express themselves freely. For this reason, we are encouraging people to implement their own or their friends’ ideas. This helps to perform our tasks more effectively, our members are better motivated and active and the internal atmosphere of the association is more balanced.

The main activities of organization are implementing different ideas by volunteering or through the different funds and projects. Examples could be actions for projects, hosting events and training, we are organizing international meetings, vacations, leisure and sports activities full of good mood and atmosphere. Our members represented Lithuania in over 200 various international events which created plenty of opportunities and helped to gain experience.

We have sent more than 400 participants in international projects and probably involving around 1000 in local activities.

Our organisation participates in an international NGO network of experiential learning and also business intercontinental global network BNI. We believe that we can be really useful and helpful with our knowledge.


Written by
Saulė Rinkevičiūtė – AKTIVISTAI Team

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