Course dissemination strategy in Hungary

In recent weeks, the number of people registered for the courses has increased significantly. 

First, I shared our course with our volunteer team via email and helped them if they didn’t understand something or if there was a problem, like they completed the course but it wasn’t in the Excel list.

Then we held a multiplier event in Budapest, you can read about it in another blog post, where we disseminate the project and especially the courses. This was the first phase that helped to have more students.

Finally, we used social media platforms such as Facebook to popularize the platform. We posted on our Facebook page emphasizing that the courses are available in English and are free of charge, and shared this post in relevant Facebook groups where we were able to reach our target audience.

Before May we only had 12 students and after the multiplier event and social media dissemination we have 36 students and hope to have more.

Written by Lilla Fazekas, Ecocenter Team

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