CareForest: the need to care and protect the forests

Forests are unique ecosystems. They are a repository of invaluable natural, cultural and economic heritage. However, no matter how much it depends on the forest, the main agent responsible for its destruction is the human being!

Habitat loss for thousands of species, deforestation, climate change and fires are just some of the factors that are leaving these ecosystems increasingly fragile. The problems are identified and the solution can be something simple, but challenging: education!

The project CareForest (Caring for the forest) is supported by the European Commission, under the financial instrument for education and training, Erasmus+, and aims to empower you and your community in forestry education.

From Portugal, the Municipality of Lousada and ASPEA – Portuguese Association for Environmental Education were directly involved in the project activities, together with entities from Spain, Norway and Romania; and now the project results are freely available for you!

In the project website – – you can freely access innovative educational resources – videos, e-book – that will complement and enrich your knowledge in this area.      


Written by
Catarina Neto – Lousada Team

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