6 Benefits and Uses of AI Nonprofit Digital Marketing

We can’t help everyone, but…Everyone can help someone.”Dr. Loretta Scott

Inspiring quotes like these highlight the beauty of humanity and our urge to help other people out. Some of us may not be financially stable but more often than not, we want to help out somehow if we just knew how.

There are plenty of ways to help people and a great example of that would be nonprofits. Some of these efforts raise awareness, funds, or even physical houses for those in need.

Since nonprofits are mainly focused on helping others and not their income, they tend to rely on others for help. Different nonprofits need different things, be it donations, exposure, a vacant lot in the area, or any other form of support.

Nonprofits make do with the support they get from those who support their cause. However, they can only get this support through exposure or getting in contact with specific people. Some nonprofits do this through public events such as a competition or maybe even a rally.

There are many ways to attract attention but in this day and age, digital marketing reigns supreme. Through digital marketing (especially with the use of AI) you can reach every caring person through their phones, laptops, or whatever device they use to surf the web.

AI in Digital marketing provides a great opportunity for nonprofits and their noble causes.


What is Digital Marketing?

This is the use of modern-day devices to get the word out there. This can be through advertisements, pop-ups, and even emails. Digital marketing is an attempt to contact an audience for a specific reason.

Marketing has always adapted to the times, with the rise of billboards, newspapers, magazines, and today, the digital world. There are many ways to reach a specific niche through digital marketing and there are just as many guides to do so.

Trying to understand digital marketing may determine the future of your nonprofit and whether or not it gets the support needed. Digital marketing for nonprofits is the modern version of a poster, it is the new normal in terms of garnering attention.

Digital marketing allows businesses, schools, or whoever to reach a specific group of people. This allows the public to learn more about the ones being marketed through their devices.

Additionally, if people become curious about the nonprofit or whatever was advertised to them, they can simply click the link and learn more about it. Digital marketing provides interactive commercials that allow for maximum engagement.

If you plan to reach people then digital marketing is the way to go.


Digital Marketing Tools

As mentioned, there are different ways to reach a niche through digital marketing. An example is making use of the many convenient tools such as Google. Yep, the same Google that tells you how to bake bread, fix a light bulb or even help you with your homework.

Google is a big friend to nonprofits and they can help in many ways. There are different approaches to Google for nonprofits that help nonprofits in their efforts to help those in need.

An example of approaches that Google takes, would be advertisement grants. As you probably know, it takes money to run advertisements or to have websites give your nonprofit a shoutout.

These advertisements can get pricey depending on the amount and kind of people you want to reach. Nonprofits aren’t exactly the richest organizations out there, which means they can’t compete for such prized spots.

However, with Google Ad Grants, nonprofits get to bid on the advertisement spots they desire. Additionally, nonprofits get to focus the funds on the actual effort instead of spending it in an attempt to reach more people.

Google is a great tool for nonprofits in terms of marketing, along with their additional YouTube features. If Google and YouTube recognizes your nonprofit, then they can have a donate button conveniently located to the side of your video; along with a short description of the cause,

If you’re interested in getting into digital marketing, make sure to check out Google and see how they can help you. However, Google isn’t the only tool for marketing out there because an upcoming trend would be AI.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been here for quite a while now and it looks like it will be staying. As time passes, AI slowly makes its way to different sectors. Just like AI has the marketing sector in its sights.

AI is a computer program that acts like a human. It takes in information and based on what it was taught, provides an appropriate response. Imagine the flexibility and adaptability of humans and combine that with the consistency of a machine.

It can be taught in the same way that employees are trained before they work. They offer certain bits of information and show the AI the appropriate response. After a certain amount of examples, the AI begins to understand the desired response to the situation.

AI is being used all over the world for different purposes. This is all because AI provides incredible opportunities even though it can still be considered new and experimental. There are a ton of programs currently being developed that all try to maximize AI and its potential.

AI is the future of marketing, and you can use this to help your nonprofit get the support that it needs.

Benefits and Uses of AI in Digital Marketing for Nonprofits


Nonprofits are incredibly dependent on the support that they get from the public, companies, or even schools. No matter where the support is coming from, it is needed. It serves as the blood for nonprofits to make sure they can keep going.

Achieving this kind of support is quite the task but proper marketing can greatly increase the chances of this working.

“Proper marketing” is a very broad term that encompasses a lot of topics. Perhaps an easier concept to understand would be AI in digital marketing. This is the future of marketing for businesses, so why not use it for the noble cause of your nonprofit?

AI in digital marketing provides unique opportunities that we will be breaking down for you. Maybe you’ll be inspired to have a robot friend along for the charity ride.

1.   Consistency

You are well aware of how consistent a machine can be. Have you ever seen a calculator add up numbers incorrectly? You can have millions of numbers for the calculator to compute and it will probably still get the answer right.

Machines are an amazing innovation of mankind and they get the work done. Depending on the machine, most jobs are accomplished with great consistency. Machines may be easier to predict since they don’t have an entire philosophy or anatomy to consider in every action.

Having AI work on your marketing may ensure that there are no slip-ups and your nonprofit gets the best chance possible to achieve the support needed.


2.   Compliant

Have you ever heard a machine complain? AI gets the work done with no questions asked. As mentioned, AI can be taught how to respond to certain bits of information, making them one of the best employees out there.

You can teach an AI to respond in a hopeful manner to those who are curious about your nonprofit or maybe have them automatically ask for contact details. The possibilities with AI are endless, and they can perform what you want them to do in the manner you prefer.

A bonus is that they won’t slack off or act ungrateful for the task given.


3.   Great Memory

An AI can remember a lot of things depending on the program. You can rest assured that they will store the needed information for as long as required.

Nonprofit deals with a lot of information and some of those can be phone numbers, home addresses, or sponsorship offers. You don’t want to lose any of these details as they may be crucial to the nonprofit’s future.

Having an AI ensures that all of the information is kept safe under lock and key. Additionally, their great memory makes sure they don’t forget the specifics of their tasks. You won’t have any midnight calls asking how to print a poster.

4.   Unbiased

Bias is an incredibly powerful poison that stops progress, love, and at times peace. Judging a book by its cover may be human nature but that doesn’t mean it is right. Countless amounts of opportunities have been lost due to a biased perspective.

Having an AI in your workforce makes human nature irrelevant since it is indeed not human. This may be a small detail but when you are a nonprofit you end up dealing with all kinds of people.

People from various backgrounds and all shapes and sizes may just want to help. Artificial Intelligence is the future of decision-making because you can remove the unnecessary details we think about. We can make sure that the program doesn’t see race or sex as a factor.

5. “Talented”

Artificial Intelligence is indeed consistent and committed to the job but it goes deeper than that. AI isn’t simply capable of repeating tasks for an extended period of time, they are good at what they do.

They are, after all, machines, so once it has learned the appropriate responses to different situations you will find it probably out-competing its human counterpart. AI is an incredibly efficient machine that accomplishes the task and accomplishes it well.

6. Direct Access

Another perk of having a program work on certain jobs is the ease of access. Whether we’re talking about how easy it is to talk to AI or how they are connected to their work. Since you aren’t working with a human being you can find direct access pretty much any time.

To start off we can talk about direct access between you and the AI. Since it has no family to go home to or no bodily functions it needs to satisfy they won’t be going anywhere. In case you’re in a hurry looking for a specific file, AI will probably be where you left it.

On the other side of “direct access” is the access that AI has with the task or the files related to such. You won’t find any folders scattered across the room. AI will be quietly working on the task and maximizing the direct access it has to all of the information.

Accessibility to coworkers and the tasks is extremely crucial to the success of a project.

Key Takeaways

Nonprofits are an amazing attempt to make the world better and help those in need. However, these can only happen when they get support. A noble cause deserves a noble support system.

Achieving this support is quite the challenge for many nonprofits today. AI in digital marketing helps nonprofits get around this obstacle. Making use of new technology for the betterment of humanity or whatever cause the nonprofit is dedicated to.

If you’re planning a nonprofit or somehow manage one, try and take a look into AI in digital marketing.

Do it for the cause.


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