Dominykas Česnavičius – the Patient YouTuber

Disciple of Improvement is a YouTube channel founded by youth entrepreneur Dominykas Česnavičius. The main purpose of Dominykas‘ channel is to encourage young people to improve themselves in all aspects of life: wellbeing, productivity, career, sports, health, philosophy etc. Moreover, he has his own Discord group where he communicates with his fans and subscribers.

In his videos Dominykas teaches lessons from his experience. For instance, how he broke up with his girlfriend and what he learned from it, productivity tips, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, etc. He is leading people by his example and that is the way he does it.

Disciple of Improvement’s channel has more than 100 videos uploaded. The content creator is making almost no money because of low views, however, his endurance is inspiring. He has been creating videos every week for more than two years and still does not make a living from that. That shows a strong will, something worth aspiring to, because in this situation most people would quit trying.

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Written by Adas Perkauskas

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