Life Skills – The experience of youth mobilities in Europe and beyond

During our life, there are some events that lead us to change – change the home, change the job, change the field of study, among other changes that usually result as a truly positive experience of growth.

But we may agree that the transition from adolescence to the period when we become young adults can bring much more of these events or opportunities of growth. It is in this period of our life when we have already finalised the mandatory education cycle and we should decide if we want to continue studying and which field we should choose.

This gap in which we need to make a decision may be filled in with a new experience that, being totally different from our daily routines, will ignite our thoughts about the world and support our next decision. We may also think that between each school year – usually during the months of June to September – we can take this time to break with our daily routines and environment and give the chance to ourselves meeting a different routine, a different environment.

Anyhow, you may know that the European Commission offers several activities for youth in which you can participate from your community or anywhere else to support the development of your community or other communities by volunteering, starting new initiatives, participating in others’ initiatives and dialoguing for an open participatory environment in Europe.

And while you are supporting the active participation of youth in Europe, you are also supporting your growth as a citizen of the world – your are learning and/or improving a set of life skills that will enable your will and courage to change in the future, to adapt to the uncertain events and opportunities yet to emerge in your life.


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We’ll be sharing with you more info about the different youth initiatives promoted by the European Commission. Stay tuned!


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