Let’s present our Greek partner, IED from Larissa!

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is an awarded Greek non-profit organization committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of the entrepreneurial spirit. Established in 2005, in Larissa, Greece, iED is a certified leading Center of Excellence in European entrepreneurship and a fast-growing Digital Innovation Hub, registered as a member of the European Commission’s catalog of DIHs.

iED recognizes entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the future of sustainable development and cohesion of societies. It conducts research and provides innovative solutions that facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship and promote employment across Europe.

Our main aim is to produce and transfer know-how, boost cognitive processes, and enhance the effectiveness and viability of all types of enterprises.

Over the 16 years of our activity, we have implemented more than 200 National and European projects under numerous Financial Frameworks (Horizon, Erasmus+, AMIF, REC, COSME, INTERREG, ENI CBC MED, Life etc.).

Our experience gave us a unique insight into the practical aspects of the implementation of large-scale co-funding projects, making us a strong and reliable European project partner and leader. It has also provided us with an extremely wide network of more than 4.200 partners and collaborating organizations from the EU and beyond.


Written by
IED Team

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