Italy has managed to achieve the recycling rate for paper and cardboard packaging desired by Europe 15 years early

In 2020 the recycling rate of paper and cardboard packaging in Italy reached 87.3%, exceeding by 15 years the European target set at 85% for 2035.

These data can be found in the 2021 Report drawn up by the National Union of Waste Recovery and Recycling Companies (Unirima) in collaboration with Althesys.

During this period of global pandemic crisis, according to Unirima:

“the 600 recycling plants distributed in Italy produced 6.8 million tonnes of waste paper, increasing by 3.2% the production of raw material compared to the previous year and responding adequately to market needs”. 

In this regard, it seems appropriate to recall that the EU-funded Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP) provides a total of EUR 58.47 billion for the implementation of initiatives within the framework of the Green Revolution and Ecological Transition.

Of this, around 1.5 billion will be earmarked for the construction of new waste management facilities and the modernisation of existing ones.

According to Unirima President Giuliano Tarallo:

“The NRP sets the structural conditions to make the materials recovery and recycling sector the fulcrum of a new circular industrial season. In order to unleash the enormous potential of the green economy, our country will soon be faced with the challenge of guaranteeing in particular the modernisation of existing recycling plants”.

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