EntrInnO: An innovative game to develop your entrepreneurship skills

Beneath the digital surface of video games lie countless lessons and principles that you can apply today as an entrepreneur. Online gaming can, in fact, provide young people with transversal skills (the so-called “soft skills”) such as collaboration, networking skills, creativity, problem solving and leadership skills, the same abilities required for any entrepreneurial endeavor.

EntrInnO is a project funded by the European Commission designed for addressing the need for optimizing the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe. It offers an online gamified experience aimed at encouraging social entrepreneurship, a strategic sector for the economic and inclusive recovery of Europe in the challenge for the reduction of inequalities and social exclusion.

It fulfills a number of objectives of the Erasmus + program:

  • develop an online game designed to educate and equip young people with a range of soft skills such as entrepreneurship and innovation, and basic skills such as digital literacy, communication and networking skills
  • provide an innovative ICT-based educational practice that will motivate young adults to engage in active learning
  • validate play as a new and effective form of non-formal learning
  • strengthen cooperation, exchange of information and good practices between the different regions of Europe
  • support the development of the European Union

The consortium is made up of 9 partners from 8 European countries (Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Malta) covering a wide range of both technological and educational / training skills who made available a Toolkit for facilitators who want to use the game developed for educational purposes. 

More information

Project Website: https://www.entrinno.org/index.php

Sources: https://www.csvmarche.it/scopri-opportunita-e-progetti/i-progetti-del-csv-terminati/entrinno


Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team


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