Ecocenter’s Summer Activity

Ecocenter’s summer activity

Ecocenter’s main activity was built around providing information about sustainability and environmental protection. The foundation’s main goal includes the training and awareness-raising of people from every age group, and we believe that the best way to achieve this goal is bringing them closer to nature. Usually during summer time, we organize our thematic days and weeks for children, however face-to-face meetings became more difficult because of the barriers created by the pandemic situation.

ECO-EDU and the thematic weeks

In August of 2020, Ecocenter and Obec Svodín organized a camp for children in Esztergom, Hungary within the framework of the ECO-EDU project. The camp was part of the Interreg Slovakia-Hungary Program, the 50 children involved were housed in an all-natural camp where they could learn about nature and participate in all sorts of programs related to environmental protection. They learned about nature and lived there for a week.

This year, our thematic days had to be held online, the students participated online.


NATURAL HEALTH – for health through the protection of natural heritage

The opening conference for our project took place in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary and started on the 7th of June 2021. The lead beneficiary of the project is EcoCenter and our partner is the Than Brothers Intellectual Circle in Serbia. At the event, the representatives of the two organizations, experts and the press were present. The project focuses on the protection of natural values. Traditional European medicine for maintaining health in a holistic way is based on natural heritage. The area covered by the project is rich in natural and cultural values, with traditional lifestyle and products harmonizing with nature. However, the lifestyle of the population lacks the awareness of nature, the protection of natural values and the health aspects of natural values. The project’s main objectives are developing and sharing attitudes through the use of nature-based interactive health preservation methods and an awareness-raising communication campaign across borders, with horizontal goals in mind. At the conference the participants discussed the coordination of educational materials: the content, the deadlines, and the translation works, and they also finalized the date of the next partner meeting. A month later, the Than Brothers Intellectual Circle hosted a workshop in Bečej, where participants had the opportunity to attend lectures in holistic topics.

Written by
Abigél Juhász – Ecocenter Team

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