Do Nature Sports, Protect Nature, Save Your Future

Global environmental pollution caused by poor urbanization, unhealthy industrialization, nutrition and energy, diminishing natural resources and endangered species, increasing pollution and climate change, have been closely related to the future of humanity in recent years and constitute a universal danger.
The objective of the Do Nature Sports, Protect Nature, Save Your Future (SpoNaFu) project is to make primary and secondary school students aware of the sustainable environment, recycling and respect for nature, using nature sports as a vehicle.

With the implementation of nature sports in European countries, young citizens will be environmentally active by cleaning the environment. As part of the project’s activities, seminars will be held to raise awareness of recycling for youth. Also, a set of competitions will be organized implementing nature sports.

Stay tuned and follow this project to be involved in the activities for free! Let’s make nature sports and environmental cleaning a trend among people across Europe.

Written by Lousada Team

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