Business Network International (BNI)

Business Network International (BNI) is an American franchised networking organization, founded by Ivan Misner in 1985. Currently BNI has over 275,000+ members in 10,500+ chapters in 77 countries worldwide. Members meet weekly either in-person or online to discuss business and support each others businesses by sharing referrals. BNI claims to be the world’s leading referral organization.

Local BNI chapters arrange weekly meetings for people from various industries, in order to encourage the building of relationships and the passing of referrals. Members mostly consist of small business owners but medium and large organisations are also represented. Anyone can apply for membership providing they are willing to attend the weekly meeting, are operating a full-time business and as most Executive Directors would agree, are in a position to grow and scale their business.

One of the MOTHER project partner “Aktyvistai” CEO, Karolis Stirbys is a member of BNI Club. According to Karolis Stirbys BNI gave him a network of contacts to help manage Erasmus+ projects, solve critical problems and grow his non-profit organization.

If you have a small business with a huge grow potential BNI is an quick way to get costumers and expand your network.

Created by Adas Perkauskas

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