Are you happy with the local public library?

“We regard the establishment of a programmatic connection between (public) libraries all over Europe engaging millions of citizens as a stimulus for the emergence of a new European Social Network that can fuel a culture of solidarity between individuals and communities, across differences, borders and nationalities” (in
The Public Libraries 2030 (PL2030) is a network of public libraries to share innovation across this sector. In fact, many of us don’t share the same connection with the local public library and mainly that is because it is not addressing citizens’ needs of information and learning.
As a crucial spot for all communities in which is located, the PL2030 is dedicated to research and to prepare the launch and implementation of a Europe-wide programme which will leverage the potential of public libraries to meaningfully engage with citizens, nurture communities, and connect across borders, thinking in particular about re-building trust and solidarity post-lockdown.
Follow this project, share your thoughts about what you wish for your public library and support the co-creation of updated public libraries.
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