A day celebrating everyday freedom

Forty-eight years ago, on this day, the authoritarian regime that prevailed in Portugal for 48 years was overthrown. This is the first year that Portugal has more days of democracy than days of dictatorship.
The 25th of April will be forever associated with the release of political prisoners, the dissolution of repressive structures, including the dismantling of political police, the courts of exception, the censorship commission, and the extremist paramilitary organizations.

The 25th of April 1974 opened the return to the country of all who were forced into exile by their antifascist and anti-colonial convictions, brought the freedom of expression and manifestation, the legalization of political parties and other civic associations severely repressed by the dictatorship and it is thus fully associated with the triumph of the ideals of democracy, self-determination and equality, including gender equality.

The 25th of April 1974 placed Portugal on the path that built a solid constitutional democratic regime, reflected in Portugal’s accession to the European Convention on Human Rights, the integration into the European Economic Community and the affirmation of Portugal as an egalitarian State deeply committed to the general principles of peace, cooperation and stability, enshrined in the Helsinki Final Act.

The values ​​and achievements for which we celebrate the April Revolution in Portugal are the same ideals and values ​​that are the foundations of Europe, of you! Let’s keep Democracy and Human Rights as our number one priority.

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Written by Lousada Team

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