2022 European Vocational Skills Week

The 2022 European Vocational Skills Week occurred during 5 days to celebrate all the very best practices in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Europe.

“Launched in 2016, the European Commission initiative brings all stakeholders – teachers, organisations, students, and trainers – together under one umbrella to showcase the many benefits VET offers young people and adults alike. With an eye to the future skillsets that will be required and the other on the realities of the current labour market, VET aims to equip everyone with the necessary quality skills to unleash their true potential.” – in https://ec.europa.eu/social/vocational-skills-week/index_en

And why is this event important for you? Because it debates and identifies the appropriate skills to equip people like you for the Green transition.

Keep up to date regarding your future skills to be developed in order to be part of the European Green Deal, and in order to be part of the future labour market!
More info here: https://evsw2022.eu/

Written by Lousada Team

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