Município de Lousada
Portugal, Lousada

Município de Lousada

The Municipality of Lousada is an institution of local public administration. It aims to pursuit the interests of the population in the territorial space of Lousada Council. The council of Lousada belongs to the district of Porto and has an extension of 95 Km2. The city assumes itself as the center of the region denominated Vale do Sousa since it is situated in its geographic center. It has approximately 50.000 inhabitants that are distributed within the 25 parishes of Lousada.



The Municipality of Lousada directs its action to achieve a sustainable development, to promote and boost the council at economic, social, environmental and cultural level, optimizing the use of available resources and striving for a public administration capable of responding to the growth objectives of the council and the needs of its citizens.


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The Municipality mission is to define guiding strategies and execute the resulting municipal policies towards sustainable development of the municipality, contributing to the increased competitiveness of it, in local, regional and national levels, through measures and programs in various areas of their competence, promoting the quality of life of its citizens and ensuring high standards of quality services.



In performing its functions and duties, municipal services should pursue the following objectives:

  1. a) Conducting a full and objective way of projects, actions and activities defined by municipal bodies, namely those consisting in investment plans and activity plans;
  2. b) Achieving high rates of improvement in the delivery of services to the population, responding promptly to their needs and aspirations;
  3. c) Modernization of technical services, accelerating the processes of decision making;
  4. d) Dignifying and professional development of municipal workers, and their accountability.


The organizational structure:

Department of Administration and Finance
Department of Municipal Works and Environment
Department of City Planning


The Municipality of Lousada is also structured around the following flexible organic units:

  1. a) Division of legal affairs and human resources;
  2. b) Division of financial management’s;
  3. c) Communication, heritage, culture, education and sport division;
  4. d) Division of social action, youth, economic and tourism activities;
  5. e) Division of planning and urban management;
  6. f) Mobility and Equipment Division;
  7. g) Environment Division and urban services;
  8. h) Municipal projects service;
  9. i) Information systems service and communication

Artur Pinto

International Projects Manager

Team Leader

“You create your own Universe as you go along”
– Winston Churchill

Has a degree in European Studies in Moderna University. Artur is the International projects manager in the Municipality of Lousada and has experience in the implementation of projects as coordinator and partner. He has been working on E+, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, AMIF, H2020, INTERREG programmes, as well as VET coordinator and trainer, employment and business advisor. Artur is specialized in talking to people about…

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their abilities, interests, goals, assessing their skills abilities, exploring learning, supporting people to overcome barriers and building relationships with local employers, universities and training providers.

Catarina Neto

Projects Manager

Team Leader

“Fly, open your wings and learn how to fall”
– Márcia (portuguese singer)

Project manager of Erasmus+ projects in national and international learning institutions. With a background in Economics, has a degree in Human Resources Management and completed the Masterclass ‘The Art and Craft of Designing and Facilitating Learning Spaces’ at Kaospilot. Currently, she is attending the Health Education Master in Porto University and continues co-founding new projects in the area of education in Portugal.Her recent project…

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is the portuguese association Kokoro, dedicated to promoting the debate around education in Portugal.

Carlos Rocha e Sousa

Higher technician responsible for the Entrepreneurship Office


“Success is 99 percent failure.”
– Henry Ford

With a degree in Business Administration and specialized in Marketing and Sales Management since 2007, Carlos Sousa is higher technician at Município de Lousada. He is responsible for the contact between the Município and the business network of Lousada as well as for the Entrepreneurship…

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Office of the city, coordinating the planning, organisation, execution and assessment of all activities in this department. Additionally, Carlos has a long experience in organising events in the city, such as business meeting, conferences, workshops, seminars and sectorial meetings.

Cristina Ferreira

Higher technician and responsible for the Employability Office


“IMagine a new story for your life and believe in it.” – Paulo Coelho

With a degree in Municipal Administration, since 1998, Ana Ferreira attended the training actions of conflict mediation and familiar mediation, and obtained the national certification for trainers. She is higher technician at Município de Lousada and the responsible for the Office for employability and…

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training in Lousada, as well as for the Office for consumer information and volunteering in Lousada. Ana Ferreira is in close contact with IRIS (Regional Incubator of Social Innovation) and organises several events for this area, such as journeys, information sessions, workshops and sectorial meetings.

Mariana Nunes de Sousa

Employee in the M.d.L. , specifically in the Interactive Office of Tourism


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

With a degree in Tourism, is higher technician at Município de Lousada and represents the city in Tourism fairs, such as FITUR, XANTAR, ITB, BTL. Mariana Nunes de Sousa is currently working in the municipal interactive office of tourism, providing the needed information about the city and the…

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region to tourists and accompanies these groups in organised visits in Lousada.